Mobile Vikings has reinvented itself once more: now, the telecom provider is up to 25% cheaper than the competition. And through the Viking Deals, you can always recover the costs of your mobile phone subscription by simply shopping online. At-thetable invented the new baseline and the accompanying campaign for the most progressive of mobile operators.

A commercial on TV with a hole in it the size of a smartphone, or one that combines your favourite YouTube video with the Mobile Vikings offer. In our new TV spots for Mobile Vikings, we let you do what you prefer to do during the commercial break: continue surfing on your smartphone!

Top comedian
Bert Gabriëls, one of our country’s top comedians, and (among other things) known for the Canvas programme ‘Zonde van de Zendtijd’, was willing to play the lead role in our TV and online spots. His personality fits perfectly with the dry no-nonsense humour and self-perspective that is so characteristic of the brand. Or to say it in Bert’s own words: ‘Engelenkoor!’

Corona-proof film set
“Obviously, it was not easy in these corona times to get such a production done,” says Dagmar Duportail, producer at The Breakfast Club. “Especially because the director, Henk Loorbach, was a Dutchman.” So, the Ghent production house spared no effort to bring this at-thetable production to a safe conclusion.

“For example, think of a set with 4 different catering tables, each 1.5 meters apart, or monitors in 4 different places to still be able to oversee the production. Not to mention the dozens of mouth masks and litres of hand gel. The actor also had to bring his own clothes, because clothing stores were still closed and online purchase delivery dates were hard to rely on.”

Litter box
The radio spots, which were recorded at Sonhouse, were also directed and monitored remotely due to corona. By the way, they’re moving forward with the same élan: because you listen to radio advertising with only half an ear, with these spots we’re trying to attract your attention in a very distinctive way… Listen and judge them for yourself – and don’t forget to vote for your favourite spot!

New design

For Outdoor print and social, we developed a new graphic identity, even more in line with today’s spirit. For example, the well-known Viking logo, with the sail of the Viking drakkar ship, was modernized by at-thetable’s design studio, and we designed all kinds of colourful motifs for the most diverse items: from coffee mugs to mouth masks.

Back in Business

After several setbacks with the network last year, the new campaign appears to be right on target. Just like its predecessor DADATA, the ‘Revolving Platform’ television spot reached more than 1 million views on YouTube. “And still counting …”, as a professional voiceover would say in most case movies.

More work