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Keep your smartphone smart

Mobile Vikings has reinvented itself once more: now, the telecom provider is up to 25% cheaper than the competition. And through the Viking Deals, you can always recover the costs of your mobile phone subscription by simply shopping online. At-thetable invented the new baseline and the accompanying campaign for the most progressive of mobile operators.

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Jules Destrooper launches a scrumptious radio campaign with the Koekskesloerders.

You know the feeling – watching someone eat a biscuit always gives you the urge to take one (or more) yourself. We’ve translated this typically human trait into a playful radio campaign for Jules Destrooper. Letting the eyes of the Koekskesloerders have their say!

Deliveroo lets people order blindly.

People are habit-eaters, often choosing the same thing at a restaurant or when ordering food to go. To introduce the target group to other cuisines and dishes, we launched the Blind Order at Deliveroo. Those who order a Blind Order will receive a surprise dinner delivered to their home. The Blind Order was a perfect addition to our Blind Married campaign.

Joe and the 80s climb aboard tram 4

Every year, music channel Joe broadcasts a top of the 80s. We looked for an original overarching concept to announce these popular top hits. Because the 80s are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, we decided on ‘The 80s hop onto tram 4!’ A common expression when someone reaches a milestone in life. With the help of the world-famous illustrator Musketon, it became a true 80s illustration-style campaign!

Rode Neuzen Dag speaks up against locking down emotions.

Measures for containing COVID-19 are justified and necessary – but dramas are unfolding in many households. During lockdown, young people often lose their connection with school and friends and so they close themselves off. These people are in danger of becoming the invisible victims of the corona crisis. That’s why we created an emotional campaign for Rode Neuzen Dag that calls on youngsters to limit the social and physical distancing. Urging everyone to continue to talk and share emotions. Especially during a lockdown.

We make mouth masks talk.

When we heard the news that Veritas was the only shop that was allowed to open again, we immediately jumped into action. In a wink, we created a 360° campaign that encourages people to make striking and unique mouth masks. Mouth masks with telling – and sometimes emotional – messages.

TUI says bye-bye to Blue Monday

We joined forces with the country’s largest tour operator TUI, Q-music and Radio Contact to turn the most depressing day of the year into the sunniest day of the year. TUI’s site was overcast on that day, but each time it cleared up you could win wonderful travel vouchers. And to further invigorate this radiant campaign, we had Mariachi bands play in train stations, at the airport, and in workplaces in Brussels. Blue Monday has never before been so rosy!

‘Wat een Dag’ subtitles with Lu alphabet biscuits

Have you ever seen subtitles looking so good you could just eat them up? On 6 December, Lu and the ‘Wat een Dag’ VTM programme had edible subtitles. Literally. Especially for St. Nicholas’s arrival, the popular late-night show had its conversations subtitled with alphabet biscuits from Lu. Anyone who could guess in advance how many of those biscuits would be used for the entire programme’s subtitling won all of the biscuits! A fun stunt for good children and adults too!

There’s always a good reason to watch VTM Go

VTM Go, VTM’s online viewing platform, offers the best of Flemish and international series, films and shows. We used that content to come up with a fun eye-catching commercial. We made a commercial video for VTM Go by dubbing well-known scenes from series and films. The result was hilarious – with the clincher: watching VTM Go is best with a tasty snack!

The Voice Kids start with a cool hip-hop number.

‘Hey Yo!’ is the title of the rap that we wrote and composed to announce the new season of The Voice Kids. Several shortened versions were played on the radio. Even the coolest among us melted under the charm of this song.

Livios re-designs its logo.

Building or renovating? Don’t start without visiting More than 800,000 visitors a month already know that. But we also want to lead all the other construction-conscious Belgians to the information site for builders and renovators. So, we gave the Livios logo a makeover and created corresponding radio spots and advertisements. The Livios stand at the Batibouw fair was adapted to the new look too!

Let’s compare prices on! – the independent energy price comparison service in Belgium – needed a rebranding. But a lot of people still don’t compare prices … so that was the biggest challenge. How do we inspire people to take that action? We gave the critical energy-user an extra push to compare prices via testimonials in print, online, radio and TV.

Watch ‘De Gouden Schoen’ from a Beka® bed.

Who wouldn’t want to watch De Gouden Schoen awards from the best place in the world? That’s why we came up with a striking stunt. We organized an online competition in which 2 winners could win a very comfortable spot in a Beka® bed. And this bed was not simply situated in a bedroom – it was at De Gouden Schoen Gala! The promotion was supported by online advertisements and short spots on TV. And it gave Beka® a lot of attention on social media as well!

VTM | Blind Getrouwd

Married at First Sight … you’ll never marry blindly all by yourself, because the whole of Flanders is watching. On this show, 4 couples say ‘I do’ to the greatest adventure of their lives. A vision of loveliness!

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