What we do?

Lu & What A Day | Biscuit subtitle

Sinterklaas kapoentje, put something in mijn schoentje! Letter cookies, for example. And preferably enough to subtitle an entire program. We used edible subtitels with letter cookies from Lu during the Special Sinterklaas broadcast of the VTM late-night show Wat een Dag. De Sint himself thought it was – and we quote – ‘an exemplary collaboration between the good boys and girls of at-thetable, the programme makers and the advertiser’.


VTM GO always gives you ‘altijd een goeie reden om te kijken’. These good reasons come from the best Flemish and international series, films and shows. That’s why we use the content from those ‘best Flemish and international series, films and shows’ to make our point. On TV and in print we communicate with references to great TV moments. The message: you can always watch VTM GO for free. Of course with ‘a snackske dabei!’

VTM | The Voice Kids

Hey, yo, this is a rap to announce something great …
It’s a hip-hop song for The Voice Kids that we’ve made!
Uh… So that’s actually what we did. For the new season of The Voice Kids.


Building or renovating? Don’t start without going to Livios.be. More than 800,000 visitors a month know that. But all those other Belgians with a brick in their stomach? Well, we also directed them towards the information brand for builders and renovators. We gave the Livios logo a makeover and created traffic via radio spots and printads. The Livios fair stand at Batibouw was also put into campaign mode.


Mijnenergie.be is the independent energy price comparator in Belgium. We tackled their rebranding and relaunched the service with a new campaign. Together we challenged the status quo. Because anyone who doesn’t change energy supplier probably pays too much. Slice-of-life testimonials in print, online, on radio and on TV ‘nudge’ you towards the most advantageous energy supplier. Kijk, vergelijk, betaal minder!


The best place in the world, that’s in a Beka® bed. Especially when that bed is at the Gala van de Gouden Schoen. The 2 lucky winners of our contest were able to experience the presentation of the Gouden Schoen live from between the sheets. This action was supported with online advertising and short spots on TV. Beka® also scored a lot of attention on social media!

VTM | Blind Getrouwd

Married at First Sight … you bet you’ll be seen! The whole of Flanders is watching when 4 couples say ‘yes’ to the greatest adventure of their lives. We called on everyone to be witnesses.

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